You could earn £15 per hour as a pro FIFA coach

If you constantly beat your friends at FIFA on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, there could be a dream job waiting for you.

While it might seem too good to be true, a company is recruiting for professional FIFA coaches, offering an expected wage of £15 per hour.

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Online local services marketplace Bidvine recently launched with a professional coaching service for serious Call of Duty WW2 gamers, which led to nearly 1,500 sign-ups from players.

And the same company is now recruiting for FIFA coaches.

However, if you do think you're good enough, you'll have to prove it.

The website states that "only players who play in Division 1 within Online Seasons and/or FIFA Ultimate Team will be accepted."

Additionally, you'll need to prove that with a photo of your face along with the division you play in, side by side, and provide photo ID, have a working PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and a strong wireless connection.

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A professional gamer playing Fifa 18 at an eSports event in Germany (Photo: Shutterstock)

If successful, coaches will provide assistance to customers looking to improve particular areas of their FIFA gameplay, and there will be an option for the Pro Coaches to spectate matches and provide real-time, in-play advice.

The rise of coaching in gaming is linked the increasing popularity of eSports – competitively played video games that attract thousands of fans.

Bidvine plans to expand the coaching service to other mainstream titles like Battlefront, Forza! and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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While £15 per hour is the expected wage, Bidvine say that gamers will be able to request quotes from approved coaches, so the agreed amount may vary based on the types of goals set or training required.

Russ Morgan, co-founder, commented: "After the success of our Call of Duty Pro Player and Coaching service, we listened to the valuable customer feedback, which was pretty unanimous in asking for FIFA to be the next game where Professional Coaches will be available to book.

"FIFA seems to be one of those games where skill is important, it’s not something you can just be automatically good at, and it has a prestigious ranking system, so I’m not surprised that gamers wanted coaches for it. We’ve seen talented gamers make some good money from coaching and playing for other people, so I’m excited to see how Professional FIFA Coaches get on."

Members of the public can sign up as Professional Fifa Coaches here, while gaming enthusiasts from across the UK can book a Professional Fifa Coach by visiting Bidvine's search page.

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