Top-rated 'best purchase ever' air fryers on Amazon see prices slashed to as low as £49

Air fryers have become popular items to buy on AmazonAir fryers have become popular items to buy on Amazon
Air fryers have become popular items to buy on Amazon | none

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Amazon UK’s best-rated air fryers by shoppers are averaging almost five stars and many are now on sale in special deals listed here

Many of Amazon UK’s most loved air fryers have had prices slashed to as low as £49. Although anticipation is building for Amazon Prime Day, special deals are already offering shoppers up to £80 off the popular kitchen appliances.

Listed below are some of the best deals for the top-rated air fryers that have all averaged just shy of a perfect five-star rating. Time and time again, shoppers rave about these cookers as ‘excellent’, ‘classy’ and ‘perfect’ in reviews.

The biggest saving we could find was £80 off the Vortex Plus air fryer but there were many more deals seeing between £50 and £15 slashed off the price tag,

£80 off 6QT Vortex Plus air fryer

The price of the 6QT Vortex Plus on Amazon has plummeted to £49.99. It’s the biggest deal among the top-rated air fryers with 62% off the usual retail price of £129.99.

Building up over 6,600 customer reviews on Amazon, it stands out among the air fryers with its average rating of 4.7 out of five stars. There is a single drawer to cook in that unlike many of its competitors has a window to check how things are progressing.

Granny Stella gave it a perfect rating on Amazon saying: “Love it. I'm very happy with my air fryer. It's a good size for me - and up to 2 people, I would imagine. Cleaning is easy; it doesn't take up much space; looks good too.”

6QT Vortex Plus has had a big price drop on Amazon6QT Vortex Plus has had a big price drop on Amazon
6QT Vortex Plus has had a big price drop on Amazon | Amazon

£50 off Ninja Combi multi-cooker, oven and air fryer

Shoppers can save £50 on this large Ninja Combi 12-In-1 multi-cooker, oven and air fryer that is currently £229 instead of £279. Bigger than many others on this list, it is geared towards cooking family sized meals.

The deal has seen over 400 purchases of the handy cooker in the past month making it an ‘Amazon Choice’ product. It’s got a 4.7 average rating from over 2,000 customer reviews. Among the positive reviews, one customer said: “I love Ninja products, always well made. Expensive but well worth paying a little bit extra for something that will last.”

£43 off Cosori 5.5L air fryer

Cosori is a major player in the air fryer market with many of its options available on Amazon. This 5.5 litre Cosori air fryer now costs £66.48, instead of £109.99. It has over 15,800 reviews from shoppers and a 4.7 rating that has earned it an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ status.

Mr Harrison called it “amazing” in his five star review. “Quicker and cleaner cooking .Costs of cooking my meals so much lower than my traditional oven. I cook for one so plenty plenty big enough for my food.” Dan added: “Very good product, easy to use and clean. This brand is less known than Tefal or Ninja but as quality is somewhere in between.”

9l Dual air fryer is on offer on Amazon9l Dual air fryer is on offer on Amazon
9l Dual air fryer is on offer on Amazon | Amazon

£40 off 9L Dual air fryer

This large 9 litre Dual air fryer is on offer at £119.99 after a price drop from £159.99. It’s got two drawers that also have windows to see how food is cooking.

From over 2,000 customer reviews, it has an overall rating of 4.7 out of five stars. Shopper Annette Devine said: “Best purchase ever. Got this as a wedding present from my Dad. It's brilliant and we use it for most things. So quick and food genuinely tastes better.” Mark felt it was “excellent for the price”, adding: “In our view it cooks just as well as the Ninja and doesn't waft steam out.”

£40 off Cosori 4.7L air fryer

This is yet another Cosori deal, this time the 4.7 litre compact option that has a price drop of £40 to £59.99.

A smaller option, it can cook four portions and has a maximum temperature of 230 degrees C. It’s one of the more popular air fryers on the shopping website with over 25,700 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars.

Jackie Danby called it “the best thing ever” in her review. “I purchased this to use at my 92-year-old dad's house as I do his cooking,” she added. “It is a bit on the smaller size than mine, but does the job and cooks brilliantly.”

Cosori 6L Turboblaze Air FryerCosori 6L Turboblaze Air Fryer
Cosori 6L Turboblaze Air Fryer

£30 off Cosori Turboblaze

The price of the Cosori Air Fryer TurboBlaze 6L has been cut by £30 to £99.99. This machine with a compact design, five fan speeds and nine functions has an average rating from customers of 4.9 from 163 reviews.

Shoppers rated it highly for being quiet. One said: “Best air fryer I have had. Had a few but this is miles better cooks so much quicker than the others. Best air fryer around highly recommended.”

£25 off Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone air fryer

One of Amazon’s most purchased and highly-rated air fryers in the UK has had its price dropped by £25 to £174. The Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone Digital Air Fryer has an average rating of 4.8 stars out of five from a staggering 41,000 reviews.

This 9.5L favourite can cook eight portions and go in the dishwasher. In its most recent reviews, Paul Thomson-Neall described it as a “very good air fryer”.

The Ninja Foodi AF400UK is Gareth's favourite air fryerThe Ninja Foodi AF400UK is Gareth's favourite air fryer
The Ninja Foodi AF400UK is Gareth's favourite air fryer | Ninja

Another shopper Jon said “it lived up to the hype”. “We’ve been using this instead of a large oven because we have just moved house. It cooks everything brilliantly including roast chicken, potatoes even scones.

“Roast chicken comes out moist but with crispy skin, perfect. Downsides are that the drawers are a bit small. There’s just two of us and it can cope with a roast chicken but larger families would struggle.”

£15 off the Tower Vortx 5L air fryer

The black Tower T17090 Vortx Manual Air Fryer currently has £15 off, taking its price on Amazon down to £49.99. It’s earned a high rating of 4.8 from 101 customer reviews.

With a single drawer, customers said it was good for people living alone or couples. It was ranked most highly on its versatility and being easy to use. Happy shopper Richard Williams said: “Simple easy fast healthy cooking at its best.”