The Sparkle Coach: Discovering the benefits of salt therapy

Huge numbers of people are flocking to the seaside in a bid to gain some British rays, appreciate some Victorian-style healing and relaxation; perfect for sports enthusiasts with a range of respiratory issues.

Monday, 6th September 2021, 3:31 pm
Updated Monday, 6th September 2021, 3:32 pm

Halotherapy remains beneficial for our overall wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin, and boosting the immune system.

From reflexology to acupuncture, from personal training to yoga: These are just several practices I have benefitted from on my swirling life journey.

And now I can add salt therapy to the list: An intense version of what those fortunate enough to visit the glorious Yorkshire seaside and reap the rewards of the salty air and sea.

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The Sparkle Coach

Salt therapy stems from salt miners who stumbled upon the power of the salt mines of Poland. And now there are 20 Salt therapy spas across the UK, including one in Beverley called Salt Revive.

Clare Atkinson, the owner of Salt Revive, only came across it by chance just over three years ago.

Clare, an asthma sufferer, was particularly susceptible to coughs and colds, which often developed into a chest infection and would require a week in bed, antibiotics, steroids and leave her gasping for breath.

It was in 2017, whilst in London visiting her brother-in-law, that she was advised her to go to his local salt rooms to try and stave her fifth chest infection of that year.

Despite being sceptical, Clare went along to try it and was amazed by the results. Her chest infection soon disappeared, her mood had been lifted.

She said, “I’d never heard of salt therapy before and thought what on earth could salt do for my wheeziness’ when it was first suggested to me.

"I can not tell you how grateful I am to him for making me go that day, since having regular salt therapy sessions, I have not suffered with a chest infection since.

"We were so amazed with my results and knew that we had stumbled across something that could help so many children and adults alike that my husband and I made the scary decision to pack in our jobs and open up our own salt therapy health spa, one of only 19 across the whole of the UK.

"Now we have been open for two and a half years, we are now a recognised name when it comes to health and wellbeing."

Even heading out towards the coast, it’s easy to see why the Victorians headed to the seaside when they needed to treat a variety of ailments.

But whilst that’s well and wonderful when you can. As a single mum with two little ones and no car, it’s not as easy to head to the coast from my urban new build home.

So this one-stop-shop of healing for all the family, was just the tonic for us with limited time.

Not only did my designated driver, aka stepdad, and childcare support, my mum Panni Loh, get to enjoy the relaxing impact of this small but perfectly formed retreat, but my daughters did too and so did I. What was interesting was how our experiences differed depending on our own personal perceptions of 'relaxing'.

My mum spent 40 minutes in the adult room and said: "Salt Revive has built upon the idea of the salt cave by beautifully clear clean white rooms carpeted in loose salt and housing relaxing recliners. We were in the adult room whilst my daughter and children were in the family room, the idea was that after 20 minutes one of us would swap over.

"However, laying back breathing in the salt air in through the nose, out through the mouth it became a meditation. In no time my husband was asleep and I was in a dream world floating into calmness to the soft instrumental music.

"The 40 minutes passed in what seemed like 10 minutes and we came out feeling refreshed and rather surprised that it was over.

"It was a lovely experience to be recommended, especially as my breathing felt clearer coming out."

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