Snooker coach Fisher breaks own league record with 131 break

Peter Fisher made a magnificent 131 break for Pontefract Cue Club E in a 6-4 win against Elmet A in Castleford and District Snooker League Section A.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 26th January 2017, 5:37 am
Snooker coach Peter Fisher (left), who achieved  a new league record break of 131, with legend Steve Davis, the six times world champion.
Snooker coach Peter Fisher (left), who achieved a new league record break of 131, with legend Steve Davis, the six times world champion.

It was a case of Peter practising what he teaches because is a qualified WPBSA world snooker coach.

Fisher beat his own previous record of 130 for the highest-ever Castleford and District League break, which he set about eight years ago.

This Saturday, Peter will be hosting an under 16s group coaching session at Pontefract Cue Club from 10am until noon.

Anyone wishing to attend can call Peter on 07929256875 or send an email to [email protected] Individual lessons can also be arranged.

Peter’s team Cue Club E are in eighth place in Section A, 16 points adrift of new leaders Smawthorne D who beat Smawthorne C 8-2.

Section B leaders Featherstone B lost 8-2 at Townville A and are now only four points clear of St Joseph’s A who beat Rockware C 8-2.

Section C pacesetters Kippax Central A overcame Swillington Welfare A 6-4.

Pontefract Cue Club G retained a 16-point lead in Section D with a 6-4 victory at Pontefract Conservatives A.

RESULTS - Section A: Garforth WMC B 2, Kippax Central B 8; Methley Ex Serv A 8, Garforth WMC C 2; Ponte Cue Club E 6, Elmet A 4; Ponnte Cue Club H 2, Ponte Cue Club F 8; Smawthorne D 8, Smawthorne C 2; Swillinngton Social A 6, Ponte Bowling A 4.

Section B: Featherstone A 2, Townville B 8; Garforth CC A 8, Green Bowling A 2; Garforth WMC D 8, Ponte Cue Club I 2; Ponte Cue Club A 2, Ponte Cue Club C 8; St Joseph’s A 8, Rockware C 2; Townville A 8, Featherstone B 2.

Section C: Carleton A 2, St Joseph’s B 8; Green Bowling B 2, Garforth CC B 8; Kippax Central A 6, Swillington Welf A 4; Ponte Cue Club D 8, Knottingley Cons B 2; Rockware A 8, Ponte Cons B 2; Swillington Welf B 6, Methley Ex Serv B 4.

Section D: Kippax Ex Serv A 6, Prince of Wales C 4; Ponte Bowling B 8, Swillington Welf D 2; Ponte Cons A 4, Ponte Cue Club G 6; Prince of Wales A 6, YMCA A 4; Progressive A 8, Kippax Ex Serv B 2; Great Preston B 4, Garforth WMC A 6.

POSITIONS - Section A: Smawthorne D played 17, won 11, points 100; Methley Ex Serv A 16-11-98; Ladybalk A 16-9-95; Smawthorne A 16-10-92; Smawthorne C 17-9-88; Swillington Social A 17-10-86; Elmet A 17-9-86; Ponte Cue Club E 17-9-84; Ponte Cue Club F 17-9-83; Ponte Cue Club H 16-7-80; Kippax Central B 17-7-80; Garforth WMC B 17-6-76; Swillington Welf C 16-6-71; Ponte Bowling A 17-5-66; Garforth WMC C 17-5-65.

Section B: Featherstone B 16-11-100; St Joseph’s A 15-11-96; Green Bowling A 16-9-90; Ponte Cue Club A 16-9-86; Garforth CC A 15-8-84; Garforth WMC D 16-7-82; Ponte Cue Club I 15-8-78; Townville BB 16-8-74; Edward B 15-8-74; Townville A 15-7-72; Featherstone A 16-6-70; Ponte Cue Club B 14-7-64; Ponte Cue Club C 15-5-62; Rockware C 16-4-48.

Section C: Kippax Central A 16-13-104; Garforth CC B 17-10-98; Pontefract Cue Club D 16-11-96; Swillington Welfare A 17-8-92; St Joseph’s B 17-10-90; Swillington Welfare B 17-9-88; Methley Ex Service B 17-9-88; Knottingley Conservatives B 17-7-84; Carleton A 15-9-82; Green Bowling B 17-8-76; Smawthorne B 16-7-74; Rockware A 17-7-72; Knottingley Conservatives A 16-6-68; Ponte fract Conservatives B 15-5-62; Prince of Wales B 16-4-56.

Section D: Pontefract Cue Club G 16-14-114; Kipppax Ex Serv A 16-11-98; Swillington Welf D 15-10-94; Garforth WMC A 16-11-92; Prince of Wales C 16-9-90; YMCA A 15-10-88; Prince of Wales A 16-8-80; Pontefract Bowling B 16-8-76; Pontefract Cons A 16-8-74; Progressive A 16-4-66; Pontefract Social B 15-5-64; Kippax Ex Serv B 15-5-62; Kellingley Club A 15-3-50; Great Preston B 15-3-42.