Picture postcard exhibition

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Wakefield Cathedral is asking people to share their favourite places to help create a picture postcard art show this summer to go alongside Wakefield artist Tony Wade’s Boundary exhibition.

Boundary – a series of 60 paintings that represent a complete view of the Wakefield District boundary - is coming back into Wakefield Cathedral from August 3.

To run alongside that, the cathedral has teamed up with Tony Wade to create a gallery made up of people’s photos and postcards featuring their special places or journeys with a short explanation of why that place matters.

Organisers of the exhibition - Favourite journeys: Favourite Place - are appealing to send a postcard from their summer holiday.

Send postcards to: Admin@wakefield-cathedral.org.uk marked Favourite Places or post to Wakefield Cathedral.

Wade said: “I’m excited to bring Boundary back to Wakefield Cathedral and really pleased it made a connection with so many people when it was here last.

“I think it’s important we remember and celebrate journeys and places that mean something to us and I’m looking forward to reading about journeys others have made and displaying them in the cathedral,” he added.