21 photos that will take you back to Wakefield nightclub Flares in 2005

Last week we shared old photos of revellers enjoying a night out over a decade ago in Buzz Bar - now we've dug out these memorable snaps from Flares.

By Leanne Clarke
Monday, 18th March 2019, 10:34 am
Updated Monday, 18th March 2019, 12:08 pm

If you were partying in there 14 years ago (yes, it's that long) then take a look through. We might have a cracking photo of you!

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Kelly and Gemma in Flares in January 2005.
Theriesa and Chris in January 2005.
Claire, Katie, Claire, Emma and Sarah in Flares, January 2005.
Charlotte and Paul.
Lee and Russell in April 2005.
Liam and Lindsey.
Emma, Louise, Leanne and Amanda.
Alana, Mark and Nickki, April 2005.
Sally and Shellie have a night out in April 2005.
Anna, Marco, Francesca and Stacey, Flares in April 2005.
Rachel, Helen, Rachel, Danni, Gaynor and Jess.
Paul, Marie, Christine, Dave and Mel.
Kirsty, Stacey, Jenny, and Katy.
Gill and Alison in Flares in 2005.
Sam, Jayne, Aimi, Stacey, Claire and Karen.
Andy, Phil and Kev in May 2005.
Joanne, Tracey, Rachel and Gill in May 2005.
Joanne, Maxine, Lynne, Michelle and Debbie.
James, Phillipa and Louis.
Sara, Christine and Rachel in June 2005.
Weggy, Dom and Nelly.