24 photos that will take you back to a night out in Wakefield club Reflex

If you partied with your pals in Reflex back in 2005, 2006 and 2007, do you remember having your photo taken by us?


Well, it might have been that good of a good night you can barely remember! So, let us jog your memory...

Also, take a look back at photos from FLARES BUZZ BAR MUSTANG SALLY'S and QUEST - Enjoy!

Jen, Becky, Helen, Becky and...Becky on a night out in May 2004.
Hollee and Leanne.
Kirsty and Jodie.
Bekki, Katie and Shaz in 2004.
Eva and Fiona posing for a picture in December 2004.
Lyndsey and Claire having a night out in January 2005.
Laura, Abbie and Sarah having a night out in 2006.
Holly, Sarah and Sally in September 2006.
Cathrine, Nikki, Kathy, Scott and Nicky out for the night in 2006.
Helen, Debie, Liza, Christie, Michelle, Dawn, Jan and Jane enjoy a night out in 2006.
Nicky, Danny, Jolene and Claire have a few laughs.
Chris, Katie, Lou, Rob, Hanna and Craig in October 2006.
The two Laura's out celebrating Halloween in 2006.
Laura, Laura, Rebecca and Jonathan out for the night in 2006.
Friends Michelle and Chantelle having a night out in 2006.
Stacey and Jodie in December 2006.
Christos, Anthony and Alan having a good night out in 2006.
Jason and Nathalie pictured in 2006.
Neil, Nathalie and Jason in December 2006.
Sarah and Lucy having a night out in December 2006.
These girls enjoyed a night out - pictured outside Reflex in 2007.
Helen, Nat, Becky, Kirsty and Leanne.
Kate, Amanda, Becky, Alison and Holly catch up in January 2007.
Neil, Kirsty and Damon in Reflex, Kirsty's birthday in 2007.