Heartbroken dog owner still appealing for pet's safe return three years after being stolen

A heartbroken dog owner so tormented by the theft of his beloved pet almost three years ago says he can still spend up to six hours a day searching for her online.

Mick Robinson is still desperate for information about his female rottweiler, Sky, who was taken in Castleford in December 2015.

Despite more than 1,000 days passing, he continues to appeal for information over social media with his campaign ‘Get Sky Home’, which has more than 8,000 members on Facebook.

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And he has vowed never to give up the search for the dog, who was microchipped and would now be five-year-old.

The 49-year-old, who now lives in Ripon, said: “I’m not going to give up, I said that right from the start.

“It’s soul destroying, every day I build my hopes up and they are dashed again. I will spend on average four to six hours a day on Facebook and Twitter, we just try everything we possibly can in the hope that she gets scanned.”

The dog was taken from a run at the back of the Smawthorne Hotel, run by Mr Robinson at the time, on December 2, 2015.

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A reward was initially put up for £500 which has now been increased to £2,100.

Mr Robinson says he is hesitant to increase the amount because he wants it to “remain a reward rather than a ransom”.

He has also become involved with dog charities and even runs Sky’s Shoebox Appeal at Christmas, collecting in gifts for pets during the festive period.

Mr Robinson said: “It helps me because it keeps Sky’s face out there and it helps local rescue dogs because they deserve a good Christmas as well.

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“It’s an absolute nightmare for owners who are in the same position and lost a dog, a lot of people do not know where to turn. My dogs are my kids and part of the family so if someone lost a son or a daughter, would they just give up?”

Anyone with details about Sky can call 07498 773868 or go to ‘Get Sky Home’ on Facebook.