Wakefield Trinity and non-vaxxers is a dilemma - Letters

Michael Carter, chief executive of Wakefield TrinityMichael Carter, chief executive of Wakefield Trinity
Michael Carter, chief executive of Wakefield Trinity
From: Bob Dainton, Wakefield

My heart goes out to Trinity chief executive Michael Carter.

As if times for him couldn’t be difficult enough, he now has to decide, when playing in France, if he can possibly pick his best team without the non-vaxxers.

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My view is, that if these players are not prepared to take the view of the majority of their team colleagues, then they should be questioning their own future in the game.

In a team situation, not being vaccinated when others are, is a selfish and dangerous decision, not only risking their own health but that of their team mates, training staff and associated families.

I feel that they ignore the overwhelming evidence of science and health experts, choosing to accept the unproven views of unqualified so-called experts, or conspiracy theorists to be found on internet sites.

I have been a Trinity supporter for over 70 years and whatever happens, will continue to be, but I remember the days when thousands of people suffered and died from what are now considered insignificant diseases, such as measles, diphtheria, tuberculosis and many others.

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These are rarely found now and that’s because when a vaccine came along, we couldn’t wait to get it in us, and were forever grateful to the developers for their tireless efforts.

I admire people standing up for their principles, but when you are part of a team, you cannot have it both ways.