Your letters: ‘Farage needs to learn that the Queen is Her Majesty’

Nigel Farage in PontefractNigel Farage in Pontefract
Nigel Farage in Pontefract
IF the reports of Nigel Farage’s remarks about the Royal family are accurate then he needs some lessons on royalty.

Never mind his views, he needs to learn that the Queen is Her Majesty, not Her Royal Highness, and that Prince Harry is not next in line to the throne after Prince William – the three Cambridge children come before their uncle.

For a man who is concerned about British sovereignty and independence, to criticise Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in public, as he is reported to have done, is amazing.

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He forgets, amongst other things, her vital role in boosting the morale of the country during the dark days of the Second World War.

And since when was the fact that somebody lives to 101 a matter for criticism?

Elisabeth Baker, by email.

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