The Lovely Eggs loved being 'live music guinea pigs' ahead of Wakefield Long Division appearance

Psychedelic punk duo The Lovely Eggs had an album on the way and a tour booked when the pandemic hit last year.

By James Carney
Thursday, 9th September 2021, 5:37 pm
Updated Friday, 10th September 2021, 2:29 pm

Married couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell spent the next months rearranging hotels and venues in the hope of hitting the road, while looking after their eight-year-old child.

Though in the thick of it they still found time to record a song with Iggy Pop.

Now, with live music back on the menu, they've just a completed a 10-date tour and are looking ahead to a gig at Wakefield Long Division festival.

The Lovely Eggs - David Blackwell and Holly Ross

They've played the festival a handful of times before and have a lot of time for the event and director Dean Freeman.

Holly said: "We really like it and we keep going back. We really like Wakefield and it's nice to have a festival like that. I love city festivals - there's no camping, there's a roof, and a decent PA. We've always loved Long Division and it's got a good vibe."

"Dean is an independent promoter doing it for the right reasons and he's come up against issues in the past with venues closing and he doesn't give up. It's very much in our spirit. We really respect that he set up the festival in his hometown.

"He has a commitment to bringing new, interesting, alternative music to the city. I really admire that because he could just go for the easier route of heritage acts or covers bands."

Shortly after the pandemic started the band's new record I Am Moron reached no 1 on the independent album chart though the band didn't know it would be more than a year before they could tour the music.

Holly said playing the first gig back was like being guinea pigs for live music.

She said: "It was weird and joyous in equal measure. We felt odd about going on and it was strange for everyone, with audiences testing the boundaries of what they were comfortable doing .

"Our gigs are normally raucous and wild and that part was missing from the early gigs. People were wondering if that kind of thing was OK.

"But it was joyous as well because there was the ecstasy of live music being back, and us seeing regular faces down the front - seeing our crowd - the banter and the laughs."

The Lancaster-based band know what it's like to be a city living in the shadow of a bigger city - in their case, Manchester - which gives them an affinity with Wakefield and its proximity to Leeds. Their gig at Long Division will be a chance to see that kinship in action.

Holly said: "We can't wait to play back in Wakefield and for people to come out and have a good time. We are ready for the Wakefield massive."