Referendum sketch: The Cameron-Farage TV gameshow

Nigel Farage.Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage.
For a debate that wasn't technically a debate, ITV's Cameron and Farage Live certainly provided enough material to provoke a decent family row about whether to stay or leave the EU.

If you were on the edge of your sofa at home, or just passing through the living room on your way to make a cup of tea, David Cameron and Nigel Farage made some controversial statements that at times were rewarded with a boo and a hiss from the audience.

Despite bounding onto the stage like a candidate in a TV gameshow, Mr Cameron soon came unstuck over the deportation of EU criminals from Britain.

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Then he was hit with immigration. Despite being asked repeatedly about how remaining in the EU would involve a reduction in numbers, he said he could not make a prediction on figures. Cue pantomime style sighs from the crowd.

He was then confronted by what must be his worst nightmare in the front row. A 40-year-old Asian man who asked what the EU had ever done for him. With struggles to access his GP and good housing and no chance of ever getting on the property ladder, he sounded like a man firmly with one hand on the exit door.

Nigel Farage did not get away unscathed from the audience who were far more plucky than those sourced during the General Election of 2015 during the live TV debates.

He was told his comments on migration whip up racism - something he strenuously denied. He then told a black woman lots of black British people voted for UKIP and told another lady to “calm down”.

If that whetted your appetite for political drama, ITV has its next debate on Thursday night starring Boris Johnson . We can’t wait.