Castleford's Ellis Lacy makes winning BKB debut at O2 Arena

Castleford had more success on the BKB 25 bill at the O2 Arena with Ellis Lacy joining Aaron Slimane as a winner on his debut in the sport.

By Tony Harber
Tuesday, 12th April 2022, 10:00 am
Ellis Lacy was a unanimous points winner on his BKB debut.
Ellis Lacy was a unanimous points winner on his BKB debut.

Lacy, 29, also has a background in Muay Thai and decided to give bareknuckle boxing a go after training at the Yorkshire Gladiators gym where BKB world middleweight champion Antony Holmes trains long with young prospect Slimane.

In his BKB debut Lacy took on Michael Lobby, who in his younger days once fought Kell Brook in the National ABA finals and was relatively untroubled as he earned a unanimous points decision.

The Castleford man produced a punch perfect performance as he stuck to his game plan and executed it in style for a convincing win.

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He said: "I got a quick cut in the first exchange so rather than go for the knockout I decided I was going to pick him off.

"I think he felt the power early doors and he didn't want to exchange. I didn't want to get hit and potentially get stopped from a cut so I just kept picking away with that shot, keep feinting, keep being in and out, draw him in a little bit and try and catch him with a left.

"I think I caught him a couple of times with that left and put him down twice, not enough to stop him maybe, but a couple of millimetres and I think he would have been sleeping.

"He's a tough kid, though, and took a lot of shots and battled all the way through."