Wright Side of Life: Use left-overs for this easy shepherd's pie

The glorious twelfth of April 2021! Not only my birthday, but also the day we could travel within England, so we have hitched up our caravan and escaped to the country!

Friday, 16th April 2021, 4:30 pm
Karen Wright's simple shepherd's pie

Not the country exactly - but to Brighton to see our small grandchildren once again.

We stay on the Caravan and Motorhome Club site there and it is a perfect location to visit places along the coast and the South Downs.

As we are self-catering, I did a bit of forward planning and made a meal to pop into the oven when we arrived on site.

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Remember I wrote about the Easter Sunday roast lamb? It was such a big joint of meat that I had lots left over.

I made a good old shepherd’s pie. These days we generally use mince to make a cottage or shepherd’s pie, but the traditional way has always been to stretch the Sunday roast and chop up the leftovers.

It really is as simple as dicing up the lamb and any vegetables that might have been left. I had gravy too so that went in the mix.

You can cook up a few chopped carrots and some frozen peas, then just put everything in a bowl and mix it together. Add extra seasoning at this point and then lay it in a baking dish. Peel, chop and boil some potatoes and cook until very tender.

Drain the potatoes, mash them with butter and milk, then spread the mash evenly over the meat mixture.

To get a pretty effect, run a fork up and down the length of the dish and then horizontally across one way then back the other, leaving about an inch gap. This will create a feathering pattern.

When it is baked in a hot oven all the pretty marks crisp up and are extra delicious.

I cooled it, then it went in to the freezer as it would be another week before we needed it.

So now I am in my happy place, cooking in a caravan.

After all the months of being confined to barracks it is just wonderful to be out in the world once more. All I need to organise now is a haircut.