You're more likely to get a Tinder match if you're this star sign

Figures have shown that during lockdown in March, Tinder users made three billion swipes worldwide, the most swipes the app has ever recorded in one day!

By Leanne Clarke
Wednesday, 26th August 2020, 3:10 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th August 2020, 3:12 pm
Image Credit; Tero Vesalainen - Shutterstock
Image Credit; Tero Vesalainen - Shutterstock

Whilst the way we date has changed over the past few months, that doesn’t mean people are not making an effort to find a significant other (as the figure above is clearly showing), however finding a match is not always easy.

With that in mind sought to find out if there is a correlation between zodiac signs and the number of matches people get on Tinder, in order to find out which zodiac sign is the luckiest in love!

To find that out, asked 4,106 respondents to swipe right to 1,000 people and see how many matches they get. The results were then divided by zodiac sign.

Zodiac Sign % of matches

Gemini 84%

Aquarius 79%

Cancer 74%

Leo 70%

Pisces 65%

Taurus 61%

Aries 58%

Libra 56%

Virgo 52%

Sagittarius 48%

Scorpio 44%

Capricorn 41%

Which signs get the MOST matches on Tinder?

The survey reveals that Gemini people are the luckiest in love, getting 84% of matches out of 1,000 right swipes! This comes to no surprise as the twins are known for having great chat and alluring personality, which could shine even through their bio.

People under the sign of Aquarius are second with 79% matches. Their witty bios alongside their usually eccentric personalities are enough to get anyone’s attention. They are also known for their intelligent conversations and being good listeners, so it would come to no surprise if most of those matches would end in a date!

In third place we find Cancers! The ‘mothers’ of the zodiac sign, Cancerians are warm, sweet and make great partners for long term relationships! Therefore, there is no surprised they matched with 74% of people.

Which are the LEAST lucky signs on Tinder?

The zodiac sign that got the least matches on Tinder is Capricorn. Unfortunately, people under this sign only got 41% of matches. Capricorns are known to putting more effort into their jobs than anything else so dating is never a priority, hence why they may seem quite uninterested.

However, if you do get a Capricorn to love you, there will be sparks (and handcuffs)!

The second least lucky sign is Scorpio, getting only 44% of matches. People under this sign can come across a bit strong and scary, so it might be a good idea to tone down the bio a bit!

They are very passionate and wear their heart of their sleeve, and if you are looking for a long-term relationship a Scorpio is a great choice!

People under the Sagittarius signs got only 48% of matches making them the third least lucky sign on Tinder. They tend to be avid travellers, and their bios most likely show that, making people questioning how serious they are about being in a relationship.